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A wealth of perspective
came at a cost…
I don’t want to leave my kids”, that’s what mum was thinking on 29th Aug 2006. It’s a day that would turn my life around completely. We sold everything in our shop; Mum felt we gave it away. The flight was booked, one-way no return to the USA. I remember dropping my parent off at the airport and then driving back to the university; I was young and excited at the opportunity of being responsible. I would graduate, get a well-paid job, and we’d reset our lives; well, life had other plans.
Packing up and moving on wasn’t new; we’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. We never had a plan; I was none the wiser. All we ever thought about was survival, and that’s all I knew. My father was certain of the move, deep down, it felt like running.
What started with excitement ended with embarrassment
The first part of my studies was exciting. I was pumped and triggered by creating my life. It didn't take long , my deepest fears materialised as a sense of homelessness became homeless. For five gruelling months, I had to strategise with no room for hesitation. Where to stay, find ways to eat, keep wearing the same clothes, never join others in any social events, just making ends meet. I endured the pain silently; I couldn’t turn to anyone; I was embarrassed by my life. I had a choice: give up or get up. I never ceased! Never will!
If life doesn’t give you awareness, you’re not paying attention.
One of many insights I learnt:
Opinions came like a dime a dozen.
All talk, Little intent.
Talkers and Doers that’s the label I gave people at the time. Many talk a ‘great game’; many even show it. What’s more potent is their behaviour and actions; it’s incongruent. No matter what was said, the empathy I got, it didn’t solve the problem. I left university with four true friends, people who saw my value as a person, something I couldn’t see myself. I was stuck on needing guidance, needing support, needing someone to look at my pain.
I found a dozen but no dime
Instead, i found meaning
I realised that no matter how much assistance one receives, actual transformation can only occur when we are ready to embrace it, not avoid it. I had become a solutions seeker rather than a problem solver. I had to face the perceived beast and get control over my life; in doing so, I’ve become the broken masterpiece, the perfect imperfection of me. Today, I navigate life with formidable foundations.
Today I feel like I can take on anything!
There’s nothing more empowering than self certitude
With a connected frame of mind and a drive to create an impact, i pursue my calling for a better world.
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The man in the mirror
Our identity determines everything. The formation of our character through our experiences makes us. Who we are, is what we see and experience. There are hidden truths inside each of us, a rawness often masked with personality. I experienced many perceptively driven people. For a moment, I was stuck trying to do the same, and I lost myself under the layers of mimicry, mockery and misdirection. When I unravelled those layers, it changed everything!
“Anks has an amazing mind, and with his keen perception, he peers into your soul and pulls the most authentic version of you to the surface. His process is not only revealing, but it’s absolutely necessary.”
Telyse Lynn
Creativity Strategist, Unconventional Brilliance
Strip away the layers and find true credibility
Character shaping experiences
→ Three debt collectors enter Anks’ family shop; they begin clearing the stock to recover owed debts. A villager walks and says to his mum, “I don’t know why, but God sent me to give you £425” - True Story.
→ While visiting parents in the USA, the whole house burns down just before landing, years of effort lost in moments. The family booked a spontaneous trip to Orlando World Resort, life goes on.
→ With £3,000 in university tuition to pay, working overtime, limited study, and debts climbing, money was a significant factor. Times were challenging; Anks sacrificed eating to pay bills.
→ His father was diagnosed with cancer. They all stayed in a one-bed apartment. After spending years serving him, eventually, they overcome it. When all looked good, his father had a heart attack.
→ Daily, Anks halved his £1 lunch with a friend in school as he was never given money. Sharing was a big part of Anks’ upbringing.

You're breakthrough is a perspective away

Personal Note From Anks

Why seek insights and strategies from someone who has experienced homelessness and financial struggle and lacks conventional material credibility? Because that’s precisely what our world needs today—a voice stripped away from the misleading trappings of society.
Someone who understands the true value of interconnectedness and appreciates you regardless of your circumstances.

Having personally endured the other side of success, I am immensely grateful for the perspectives it has granted me. Without embracing the core essence of our being, our actions in life lose their significance.
Unfortunately, today’s advancements have taken a toll on humanity, replacing genuine effectiveness with increasing disengagement, disconnection and disillusionment.

As someone who relentlessly questions everything in search of truth. I selectively adopt lessons, tools, and strategies that empower me to exert lasting and significant impact from within. And it’s this very investment in you that drives me forward. Rest assured, I believe in you and am committed to helping you breakthrough.

A Formidable Growth Coach
A Strategic Empowerer
A People-Centric Leader
A Relentless People-Developer
A Benevolent Brand Builder
"always sparking inspiration"
"their people strategist"
"a ridiculously valualbe connection"
"words go straight to the heart"
His conversations are nothing short of empowerment. Anks is a personal growth strategist, a keen people developer, and a transformational life leader. His passion for creating opportunities for people drives his work for personal effectiveness.

Anks' approach is people-centric and encompasses design, brand strategy, and neuro-linguistic programming expertise. He credits deeper insights from his life experiences, not only what we voluntarily learn. Through workshops, courses and coaching, he empowers you to adopt the tools that bring about the most potent version of you.


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If you’ve read this far I want to send you some praise. Thank you! You’ve got innate curiosity for people and growth, which I appreciate that the most. I hope we can develop this relationship; I would love to learn more about your journey and progress.
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