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Be It So
Others Can
Become It!

I'm Self-Leadership Strategist
A Formidable Coach
A Strategic Empowerer
A People-Centric Leader
A Relentless People-Developer
A Benevolent Brand Builder
All qualities qualify; however, they
become powerless when we:

Lack Inner Direction

I’ve been there
Relying on family, peers and seniors to guide me on a life path I never knew I could create myself. Leading on what was expected, what looked great to others or what perceptively made more money. An approach that never began with interest, passion, drive or excitement.
I’VE ALSO BEEN nowhere
I sought answers externally; I felt more behind and lost; within and without, literally, I was homeless. Everyone had an opinion; nobody had the answer. It was a time in my life I called WAKE UP CALL, a period of personal transformation - I surely didn’t think so then; it was tough.
I spent years trying to find my path until I resorted to what I knew best; design—applying myself creatively, I took the lead and began serving graphic support, identity design, marketing and print. It introduced me to strategy, in-depth work that added much more value than visuals alone.
The way through is within
I was merging closer on my path; strategy allowed me to transition smoothly into personal development. No matter how much a business is shaped, one thing is clear: our lives are only as effective as we are. My pursuit began; to bring about unstoppable self-leadership.
I’m Triggered by

Limited Opportunities

I learnt to stop listening, doing so I realised that no matter how much assistance one receives, actual transformation can only occur when we are ready to embrace it, not avoid it.
i’m committed to

Unwavering Self-Leadership

I learnt to stop listening, doing so I realised that no matter how much assistance one receives, actual transformation can only occur when we are ready to embrace it, not avoid it.
As part of my journey, I’ve founded and actively building a personal development platform that enhances personal effectiveness.
I Lead From Within
Living in the world we all wished we had requires a deeper connection to an identity that promotes it. It’s a shift from a self-centred approach to a people-centred one that permutates in our lives. Peoplepreneur is an evolution, the needed aspiration for today’s misguided, disconnected and struggling humanity. It’s a transformational growth platform of tomorrow that goes beyond external change.

It’s home to a community of givers, legacy builders, life leaders, people developers, humanity contributors, and formidable personal brands that cannot be ignored.
→ www.peoplepreneur.com
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Here To Serve

Founder at Peoplepreneur®
Personal Growth Coach | Certified Brand Strategist
Anks Patel is a transformational life leader, a strategic thinker in personal growth, an empowerer, and a change catalyst with a persistent desire to amplify humanity's untapped, trapped potential.

Anks seeks to amplify your effectiveness through educational courses, workshops, and individual coaching. Helping to shift you into empowering states, unbreakable perspectives and develop tools to manage the mind that reinforce your capabilities.

Leading a life with conviction and having complete certainty of our intrinsic path takes conscious and intentional effort. We were built to be extraordinary; many choose to leave out the extra. It's difficult without guidance; Anks understands this well.
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A Peoplepreneur, A Self-Leadership Coach, An Empowerer & A Keen People-Developer.
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