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Elizabeth Lindsey
Elizabeth Lindsey
National Geographic Explorer • Champion for Diversity and Equity • United Nations Visionary Award Recipient • TED Speaker • Award-Winning Filmmaker
"Anks has a gift for communicating important messages that go straight to the heart. It's one of the many things I admire about him! His keen perception and wisdom offer so much to the world! Incredibly wise for his years!"
Vusi Thembekwayo
Vusi Thembekwayo
Global Keynote Speaker • Bestselling Author • Business Mogul • Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur • Dragon Investor • GQ Business Leader • Self-made Millionaire
"Legend! Anks is one of the best brand strategists out there; if you have anything to do with your brand, Anks is the guy you need to talk to!"
Anks Patel exemplifies the qualities of authenticity, self-leadership, and genuine care in all aspects of his work and interactions. In an age where superficiality often takes precedence, Anks remains steadfast in his commitment to being genuine and true to himself. His authenticity shines through in every interaction, whether it be with clients, colleagues, or within the LinkedIn community. This authenticity fosters trust and deepens connections, making him a reliable and valued member of any team or community. Anks's dedication to serving his clients and the LinkedIn community is truly commendable. Whether through insightful posts, engaging discussions, or one-on-one coaching sessions, Anks consistently delivers value and enriches the experiences of those around him. His genuine desire to see others succeed shines through in everything he does, making him not only a great professional but also a great human being.
Tara LaFon Gooch
Award Winning Keynote Speaker • TEDx Speaker
• International Best-Selling Author
Anks has undeniable talent, extensive knowledge, self-awareness, openness, and flexibility! In a world filled with manipulative gurus who would exploit you remorselessly to serve their agenda, finding a caring mentor is bliss.  If you are looking for a gentle coach who would not pretend to know everything, respect where you are in your journey, and guide you to find your answers, Anks is your guy!
Myriam Ben Salem
Author • Writer • Truth-teller
Lifelong Learner • Stoic • Philosopher
Telyse Lynn
Kaizen Creativity Coach • Writer
Anks has an amazing mind, and with his keen perception, he peers into your soul and pulls the most authentic version of you to the surface. His process is not only revealing, but it’s absolutely necessary.
Alancha Thompson
Entrepreneur • Brand Strategist
The tools and approach used in the workshops were highly effective. What I believe at my core and what I communicate have differences. My lack of leading from within resulted in clichè copyright that I was ultimately trying to avoid. I recommend Anks to everyone who is teachable and honest enough to admit they don’t have it all together and are committed to changing themselves and the world. It was such a sincere, no-fluff, breath of fresh air, genuine experience.
Nina Sabina Caballero
Fine Arts Professional • AI Artist Photography • Copywriter • Blogger
We live in an era of the great shift to a more conscious human-centric world. I was seeking my purpose in life, leading me to Anks and Peoplepreneur. Peoplepreneur is grounded in the soil of this era, aspiring people to thrive, discover their true potential, and be the pilots of their lives. Anks helped me to realise what brings me purpose and what makes me feel more connected and conscious! I am grateful to be a part of this journey.
Abhishek Dutta
UX Strategist • TeamCoDesign Founder SaaS Designer • Web Developer
As easy as it might sound, trust me, it wasn’t; it took time for me to realise the power of NO and who I want to be. It took some good time to realise what I was missing for real. It wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance from Anks. Not only did I have realisations, but I got direction and learnt to put the anchor down for my beliefs. You will never feel fulfilled until YOU are YOU. And that’s where we all miss the point. You will never regret your decision to work with Anks.
Amine Hammou
Brand Orchestrate • Branding Coach • Purpose Strategist • Ghostwriter
Anks is my “people strategy therapist” he helped me get clarity for my business; I can’t thank him enough for what he did to me; I felt that spark of transformation right across my eyes ✨ Why would you take my word for it? Because I do strategy for a living and failed to do it for my own business, I needed to see it from a different perspective, and I’ve been going on a loop for a very long time, but thankfully I finally found my answer. I highly recommend him; he’s empathetic, caring, genuine, honest and trustworthy.
Kyle Steinle
Do Good Video Productions • Owner Executive Producer
Anks has been guiding me through a very thorough strategic process and has helped me to firmly establish and align myself with my purpose, mission and vision, which I finally feel super confident in. This is now the bedrock foundation that our company is building upon. I value the personal-to-professional approach and finally, it feels like such a relief to be clear and precise with this stuff!
Rex Allen
Founder Stokeship™ • Director Creative Agency Owner
Holy smokes. I’ve been connected to Anks for a bit now. I was live-streaming LinkedIn, and he jumped into the comment section. We’d never “really” met, so I invited him to jump on for a totally impromptu chat. He jumped right in, got on the call, and blew my mind. He’s got some really valuable insights into “branding” and “brand” and is a great strategist. I’m excited to have him as a ridiculously valuable connection. He’ll be an asset to any business/brand that works with him.
Humaira Akther
Mother • Writer • Solopreneur Quiet Rebel • Self-Awareness Practitioner
There are many things I could write about Anks. The one thing he has gifted me with his abundance mindset is being able to trust my intuition. It’s not something you see in a coach or in mentorship programs these days. Anks has helped me find my internal purpose that anchored my beliefs and value system with conviction. If you work with him, he will not only help you grow in your business but as a person. You get a mixed dose of strategy and personal development execution which propels you to become the best version.
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Screenshot testimony from Abraham Onyemari

You're breakthrough is a perspective away

Why would you seek insights and strategies from someone who has experienced homelessness and financial struggle and lacks conventional material credibility? Because that’s precisely what our world needs today—a voice stripped away from the misleading trappings of society. Someone who understands the true value of interconnectedness and appreciates you regardless of your circumstances.

I empower you to see innate value in people, not what you believe is credible. Even a wealthy influencer who ticks all boxes can be a**, show little interest in you, yet be a great showman. Having personally endured the other side of success I am immensely grateful for the
perspectives it has granted me. Without embracing the core essence of our being, our actions in life lose their significance. Unfortunately, today’s advancements have taken a toll on humanity, replacing genuine effectiveness with increasing disengagement, disconnection and disillusionment.

Allow me to introduce myself as someone who relentlessly questions everything in search of truth. I selectively adopt lessons, tools, and strategies that empower me to exert lasting and significant impact from within. And it’s this very investment in you that drives me forward. Rest assured, I believe in you and am committed to helping you breakthrough.

A Peoplepreneur, A Self-Leadership Coach, An Empowerer & A Keen People-Developer.
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