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Purposeful Path


Get on the right path
through self-discovery

A life-shifting workshop designed to bring you in alignment with your innate calling. Purposeful in as little as eight sessions.
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We Mean More. More Meaning.

We Mean More.
More Meaning.

Welcome to your Purposeful Path. A transformative workshop that does more than align you towards a purpose; it adds meaning to your existence and gives direction towards a significant destiny.
what I’ve come to understand is

Settling With A Disconnected Path Is Setting Up For Disappointment.

You’ve been there; I know I have. Following a path the world lays down for us seems safer but is our most considerable risk. There’s no guarantee in it, and we often act like there is. Eventually, feeling inadequate, not with our chosen paths, but with ourselves.
At which point the opposite happens

When You Lack Certainty,
Doubt Stacks Conviction.

The downward spiral kicks in, and you begin adopting reasons and beliefs that create more confusion and frustration. Feeling further separated, self-doubt breeds stress, and anxiety creeps in. Ending up in a destination we truly never wanted to be in.
YOU’LL end up

Pondering The Future,
Wondering The Present.

Neither here nor there, You find yourself trapped in the limbo between mentality and reality. There was a time when I used hopeful language, too, believing things would improve if I tried something else, yet I had a pattern of seeking approval. Realise that validation comes from within, and the guidance we seek often lies within too.

Purpose Doesn’t Give You Purpose

Do you have a purpose and still feel disconnected? Here's why...

Enough Wondering.
You’re Missing All The Wonder.

I’ll guide you from confusion to conviction.
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Life Patterns

Themes constantly show up in your life; it’s not a coincidence; it’s by calculation. We’re not trained to analyse them.
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Purpose isn’t abstract; it is connected to you. A better understanding of yourself creates the connection to why.
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Broadened Perspective

Purpose is an event triggered for you to act upon. With a narrow lens, we’d miss the opportunity when it occurs.
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“You do more than align purpose. You create meaning in people’s lives.”

Salma Makuii
Brand Designer, Agency Owner, Iran

Feels Like An Unfair Advantage

Many haven’t tapped into this type of connection. There’s no guesswork here; if it’s not connected, it’s not real.

Clarity & Awareness Of What Makes You Purposeful

Know instinctively when life aligns you with the need to be purposeful. Only through self and awareness can you catch those key moments.

Connect Past With Present To Design Your Future

Explore your past and unravel how your experiences hold the insights of your purpose. With it, leverage your future and lead life meaningfully.

See Opportunity When They Appear & Act On Them Swiftly

A new sense of sight allows synchronicity; opportunity and experiences align. You hold the power of intention; decide with confidence.

On The Right Path

In as little as eight powerful sessions, here’s how:

Perspective Of The Past

Have you ever wondered why we can’t see into the future, but we can access the past? It’s our richest data source, often overlooked and filled with vital clues. We explore defining moments that shaped you, reframing your perspective.

Finding Gold

We build on your awareness by collating past facts and connecting dots you never thought of before. Synthesising and narrowing down their meaning, formulating life patterns that close the gap for what makes you purposeful.

Set & Step

You’re aware, connected and empowered in your alignment. We set and step into your foundations by defining the filter through which you’ll leverage the world around you. What now brings you purpose and principles guiding your life.
Headshot of Anks Patel
Note From anks

Don't Overcomplicate Life

In my experience, I was overwhelmed by the need for life clarity. What was I supposed to be doing, and where to apply myself? I sought purpose, for myself, for my business, and when I was in a job, not to mention where all other areas of purpose are questioned.

It was mentally exhausting trying to live up to purpose in all areas.
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“There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

William Barclay
Today's a great day. Who is this for?

People who feel called to do MORE with their lives.

Conscious Life Creators
Truth Seekers
The Purpose-Driven
Legacy Leaders
Change Catalysts
Impact Drivers
Meaning Makers
Headshot of Kyle Steinle

Finally, feel aligned!

Kyle Steinle
Do Good Video Production, CEO
Headshot of Pritesh Parmer

More than the £1500 he valued it at

Utilising Anks’ framework alongside his strategies and applying them to my own experiences has allowed me to connect the dots and understand the most impactful aspects of my life. From this, I have understood my self-growth better and identified my purpose.

His sessions are intense, in-depth and thought-provoking. The attention to detail Anks goes into ensures that everything is covered, and many times I’ve been shocked by my realisation and the recurring themes throughout my life.

I’ve never met anyone who has challenged my thoughts as purposefully as Anks, especially in a short amount of time. I’m feeling and experiencing life differently. More than the £1500 he valued it at. His work has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth because I now have a greater sense of what makes me truly purposeful.
Pritesh Parmer
Digital Growth Consultant
Purposeful path workshop

Seize the opportunity and create a rewarding future.

This is a lifelong investment for a fraction of it. It’s time to move forward meaningfully, with a deeper appreciation for who you are and what enables you to be at your best. As little as eight sessions with a structured process to bring you closer, more connected to yourself and your purpose simultaneously.
Deep Self Appreciation
Clarity From Within
Raised [Self] Awareness
Aligned With Calling
Intentional Progression
→ I’m ready when you are.
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A Peoplepreneur, A Self-Leadership Coach, An Empowerer & A Keen People-Developer.
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